2 thoughts on “Have you lived this lie before?

  1. Still greatly reveling. But I suppose I should quit babbling about such since, if memory serves, your papa is on the verge of getting more comments than your own contributions, and I don’t want to imply that at all. I like all of your wittily pithy posts, but there are only so many ways I can say “me likey” before it gets mundane and… I realize I’m rambling now. I’ll just go over here and quietly violate a cheeseburger and contemplate better ways to overcome my inept social skills and… still with the rambling… 😉

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    • my dad recorded dozen’s of little songs beginning in the late 60s and finally quitting in the early 2000s. After finishing a song he would toss the cassette tape into his drawer, never to be played again. Most of the cassettes were recorded over, damaged or thrown out. By the time I set out to collect them together, most were long gone, or unplayable. A handful survived & I’m delighted for anybody to hear them now. Thank you, sincerely, brian for taking the time to listen.
      —- tref

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