Guess, I Won’t: Deflated sequel to the Sammy Davis Jr. 1965 autobiography Yes, I Can, released after his death in 1990. Considering the circumstances of its publication, most likely Ghost Written (see, Automatic Writing)


Man, it is dark in here!” Chapter 1  pg  02

Where the holy fuck am I?”  Chapter 1 pg 04

“I can’t see shit!” Chapter 2 pg 14

“Wait! What’s that? Is somebody approaching? Who’s there? Man, this is really and truly one of the top ten worse things … “ Chapter 5 pg. 36

“… (Unintelligible screams) …”

Ch. 7 pg. 119

“OK, so where was I? Oh yeh, So, Dean …”

Ch. 9 Pg 117 

Books revelations include: Paul Anka writing the song, “My Way” after eating a meal at Burger King. And that Jerry Lewis was an asshole.

Taken from the Glossary of Terms


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