Contact info:

Good news!

I’ve secured a

seasonal job

working in the dead letter


of the post office.



if any of you would

like to

get in contact with me,

just write me a letter.

And don’t address it.


I’ll be sure to get it, … eventually.


trefology sticker in brooklyn. special thanks to firstofthemohicans


If I had a hammer,

I would hammer in the evening,

is exactly why you didn’t want

Pete Seeger as a neighbor.



“I’ve Been Treffing” from the Vintage Toy Advertiser

To read the article click here

18 thoughts on “Contact info:

  1. Lovely stuff, as always (not that I take any of it for granted!); however, are you *intentionally* conflating Popeye’s creator (Segar) with the legendary folk singer (Seeger)? I know, sounds like some kind of weird riddle.

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  2. Thinking it was a Par Avion stamp, I accidentally stabbed my letter to you with the letter opener. So I guess the letter is dead now, and will arrive via ground mail.

    I can’t spot the Trefology sticker. Is it somewhere beneath the manhole cover?

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  3. I have Pete’s cousin living next to me. Loud Seeger. I wish he owned a hammer. He has a leaf blower that lifts him 3 feet off the ground. He has an ear for the sound of chainsaws, drills anything that pretty well makes my cat head for the hills.

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