To me


A man is never standing so tall as when he

when he is standing on stilts. TO ME: He who lives by

the sword may be occasionally asked to pick-up the sword’s mail.

TO ME: Real beauty comes from with-in, and it slowly eats

away at your insides, until it escapes & attacks your family.

TO ME: Fashion-wise, a pith helmet is easier to pull off if

you have a gap between your teeth. TO ME: Anyone who

has ever claimed that sound cannot exist in a vacuum

has tried to sleep past nine a.m. at a motel. TO ME:

All pop music written after the song “green-sleeves” sucks.

TO ME: We will probably never know how many dyslexic

hippies joined the LDS church by accident. TO ME: You can

always tell a professional jacks player by the way they

say their numbers. TO ME: Flying is safer than driving,

but try getting a flight out of LAX  to McDonalds


Happy Thanksgiving



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