30 thoughts on “What have you done?

    • The only lasting example of my arts & crafts phase hangs in a sleek ’70’s-modern frame on the wall of my mom’s house. I made it in second grade, and I still remember putting it together, too. Sometimes I’ll stop and look at it and think, “That is the sum of my creativity.”

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    • No worries. Sometimes I will replace an older post with something I like better, but, who would know this but me? So, I thought I’d showcase a few up for anybody who is interested. Thanks, Betsy.

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  1. The glue is responsible for the mess creative youth is in. It starts out innocently enough, with the first sniff of plan paste, but rapidly escalates to hot-melt and, ultimately, to crazy. You put your finger on it, Geo. :)

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  2. Messy, but constructive. Tapping one’s chin with index finger in deep reflection of the creation you are about to make, oops, only to realise you’ve just glued your finger to your chin.
    Thanks for the bonuses, I was clicking here there and everywhere and enjoyed the Trefology trip very much 😊😎

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