Remembering that per the trefological calendar the new year does not officially begin until Februrarary the durst (sic), I hope you have a safe Dec. 31st

A man once said to me,

“Live every day as if it were your last,

for to-morrow, you could wake up,

walk outside,

& get hit by a bus with spears

sticking out the front of it.”

That man’s name was Mad Max.

So, from all of me, to some of you, I wish you a

Blithesome Pre-New Year!

0Our founder waited anxiously for Zander, Klaus but Zander, Klaus did not show

So laugh all you want at my own

Each morning

the first thing I do 

is check the obituaries 

& if I’m not in them, 

I laugh at those who are.



** The Trefological Calendar begins officially on February the 1st **

The friends of my friends are my enemies. I demand total obedience to the cause. Fight Fight. Fight. With Trefology we can win. Without Trefology we can only do the antonym.”

‘The War Against Our Enemies’ taken from the lecture series The Backroom Shakey Pizza Doctorate Series No. XVIII


Our Founder Shares the good tymes at a local eatery