Empire of the ants

They say from a plane

all the people look like ants,

and ants are too small to see,

but you know the ants are down-there anyway,

millions of them, and

just waiting for you to

leave on a plane trip.


At 3:00 a.m. I awoke in my bed

and suddenly remembered that I had left a

pie resting on the windowsill to cool.

So, I got up and went into the kitchen,

and when I opened the light,

I gasped as I saw thousands of ants

covering the pie.


This surprised me

because though I was aware

that I had a minor ant problem,

I didn’t think they

kept such late hours.


Nevertheless, as a result, now I had a major ant problem


My friend volunteered,

that ants hate cinnamon.

And while that is quite shocking,

I explained that I was not looking for

another reason to dislike the ants,

I just wanted them gone.


My friend said,

No, no, no, that is not what she meant,

but that

ants really hate cinnamon,

and I should try

leaving some out.


So, that evening I

made some delicious cinnamon toast,

and I left it on a

plate on the counter as a

warning to the ants.


Come morning-time, to my disappointment,

the cinnamon toast was gone.

The ants had eaten it anyway, I guess.

But, at least,

I had the satisfaction of knowing

they did not enjoy it.



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