Tales told out of turn

Legend has it,

a young Abraham Lincoln

once walked five miles

just to deliver a letter,

& that he  carried the letter

with him underneath

his tall stove pipe hat.


When he finally

arrived, a tired Lincoln

removed his hat and

presented the letter.


The family was grateful,

but visibly dismayed to

find the letter covered with

sweat, oil, and coarse

black hair, that wreathed

the letter like a holiday



Not wanting to insult

Young Abraham, the

family nevertheless would

only accept the letter

using a pair of tongs.


The unflappable A. Lincoln

merely laughed. And when

the letter was opened,

the family laughed, too,

for inside the envelope

was a shampoo sample.



(sign in west covina, CA)

If offered, would you choose the blue pill? The red pill? Or, the green jelly bean? For those who chose green jelly bean — Trefology

Jumping the gun

The distraught theatre-goer stood up

in Ford’s theater & solemnly exclaimed,

“… And now he belongs to the ages.”

Then he glanced up to the balcony

to see President Lincoln still watching

                                                       the play.

Said the gentleman, quickly sitting back down,

“Oops, spoke too soon.”                    


Our Dumb American Cousin