Modern necromancy

The restless spirit

of the

Spanish ventriloquist,

Senor Wences

has begun communicating

through me,

using my hand as a vehicle,

just as he once did

his famous characters.


I say this to you,

confidentially, &

only because,

Senor Wences has intimated 

to me that

he has something

very important

to tell you

about the future!


So, pull up a chair,

as I don’t want you

to miss a

single word.


But — before you do,

let me first apply some


to my thumb and forefinger.


Because, friend,


Senor Wences —

wants to kiss you!

Music in a Jugular Vein


R.I.P George Harrison



written & performed by George J. Raymond

copyright © 2016 all rights reserved


Years ago

Way back home

Someone put some

spirit in my soul


I haven’t changed

I’m still the same

It’s too late to dig another hole


When I’m lying in my bed

a little blurry in the head

will I be afraid to see

what is waiting there for me?

No, No

Not with that spirit in my soul


Years ago,

Way back home

Someone put some

spirit in my soul


And the jokes I made

are bittersweet

they tell you a lot more than you know