Trefology’s on the moon

I dreamt that I was an astronaut

on the moon.


There I was, in my moon-suit,

searching for moon-rocks,

when what did I find,

stuck on the bottom of my space-boot,

but the most curious thing

I had ever seen on the moon,

a pirate treasure map!


Buried treasure on the moon?

But where?


It seemed too fantastic to be true.

Was I dreaming?

I asked Mission Control to pinch me, to be sure,

but they said my suit was not equipped

for remote pinches.


Too bad, I thought.

But, no matter, anyway,

because my life as an inter-stellar explorer of new worlds was about to get

a whole lot less boring.


Imagine, only 48 hours earlier,

I had landed on the moon,

without a dime in my pocket,

and, now, by an incredible twist of fate,

I would return to earth,

with enough treasure for a million dimes

and a million pockets.


But it was not without resistance, as

NASA urgently pleaded for me

to ‘get my head on straight’ and

return to earth immediately,

or risk being stranded on the moon



Return to earth without my moon-treasure?


There was treasure to be found!

But where?


Three weeks to the moon-day, later,

I was no closer to finding the treasure

than I had been at the start.

But it was then

I noticed something …


Printed on the flip side of the treasure map,

was the second

most curious thing

I had ever seen on the moon:

a children’s lunch menu!


Suddenly, all the pieces began to fall into place:

the crossword puzzle,

the find-a-word,

Captain Hardee’s ™ suggestion

I ask my parents for

permission to use crayons.


“Good Lord”, I said to myself.


“This is a children’s placemat!


Oh, woe is my tale, dear readers.

What had I done?!”

My hunt for moon-treasure was over.

My spirit crushed.

I was tired, deflated, stranded

and hungry.


And it was right about then, an order

of Captain Hardee’s ™ chicken fingers

was starting to sound pretty good


I grabbed the placement

and put it in my top space-pocket.

“NASA, I think I will staying a little bit longer”, I said, confidently,

to no one in particular.

Above me the lights flickered.


There was a Hardee’s to be found!

But where?



our first adventure outside since March