Everything must go

I went to a

garage sale

run by a man who

had no bones


He just hung there

on a clothes line,

held with clips,


flapping about in the wind,


making deals.


And I was

sorting thru

a box of

things for sale


when I

came upon an


human skeleton.


“Hey”, I said to him,

“you don’t want this anymore?”

The big top

I once

ran away

to join




only to have


the circus

run away

to join

my family


So, then

I tried

to join


family, too


but mom


all ready

given my


to the

bearded lady.




Photo courtesy of

cfMC FEROX, of S.F. Ca.

author of

The Font In The Forever Channel

In rented boots

When I die

I want to

have a

post-mortem photo

taken of me

for posterity,


just as they did

in the

Victorian Age


My family gathered around me …

everybody in great sorrow


Except, I want

the photo to be taken

at one of those

old-timey photo studios

like, they

have at the wharf,


That way,

if anybody

should ever


as to what had

become of me


my family

can tell them,

that I died


back in the days of the Old West.



a = louie_Fotor2

all hail.


I shouldn’t have

lied during the

job interview.


I know that now.


Like when

I told them

I was an




and I lived under the sea


and I knew Excel


and I have twelve fingers,

… on each hand


But mostly,

I regret the Excel part


because that was

the one thing

they tested me on.

Turn it up

mean bone_Fotor



“She Hasn’t Got a Mean Bone”

written and performed

by George J. Raymond

copyright © 2023


She goes to church on Sunday

She goes to work on Monday

She does the very best she can


She loves her mother

She loves her father

Takes good care of her man


She hasn’t got a mean bone


If she ever got in trouble

it would surely pop her bubble


And it’s gonna break my heart

to watch her fall apart


Lies — she don’t tell ’em

Alibis — she don’t use ’em

She’s always true to herself


She sees the good in you

Ignores the bad in you

She gives everybody an even chance


She hasn’t got a mean bone.


Happy 81st Birthday, Dad!