Should I return

I want to be buried

in a pair of magic handcuffs, 

so if I rise from the dead, 

it will be a double good trick



“Cowboy on Western Ave.”

by Matt McChristy

Copyright © 2017 all rights reserved

Chapter II: 

Secret directions

As I lie in repose, discretely kiss

the face portion of my corpse,

square on the lips,

secretly passing me the handcuff key …

Tell no one.

Potable agathokak & the golden knife

Good & evil

are an abstraction …

Ergo, Maxwell House coffee 

is good and evil 

to the last drop

astro01 2

“The philosopher-singer Vaughn Monroe had it all wrong — ghost riding in the sky is something I could totally get into. I could certainly think of a few worse ways to spend an evening. Like, for instance, regular non-ghost cow herding. That doesn’t sound great to me, but you can see the dilemma. One probably cannot be one without first being the other.

Of course, ghost riding is not for everybody. Which is why here in trefology before a new member starts on course, they are first asked to search for their ‘golden knife’.

What is a golden knife?

Let me explain:  Once during one of our long family drives up to the mountains my father turned to me & asked what my golden knife was.

My ears suddenly pricked up, waking me from my backseat long-drive fog.

“Golden knife?” I asked, excitedly, looking around. “Golden knife?”

My dad just shook his head & turned his attention back to the road. “Forget it,” he said, & we continued on with our silent drive to top of Raymond Mountain.  

Later, after we arrived at the rental cabin, my mother explained that my dad had asked me if I had a goal in life, but I assured her I all ready had — and that was to find the elusive, magical golden knife, as promised to me by Fortuna.

I vowed to my mother that, from that day forward, I would never stop looking. Never. Never.” 


(If you all ready have your golden knife, might we hold it for a bit?)


A fish on the sand

Once at the beach

I saw a fish pull itself from the surf onto the sand.

I turned to look, because you don’t see this sort of thing very often.

The fish then carefully balanced itself on it’s tail

& began to hop towards me


As he came closer

the fish grinned & said

“How am I doing?”

Looking good, I replied, & I gave a thumbs up.

The fish looked around, & then confided,

“How crazy is this, boy?”


Before I could reply

the fish suddenly flicked its tail, 

& sent a little bit of sand into my eyes.

It only took me a second to gather myself

but when I looked back up 

the fish was already racing back toward the sea.


It needn’t have bothered, though.

The fish had nothing to fear from me.

I wasn’t going to chase it.


I was just disappointed.

It wasn’t evolution I was witness to ——

Just some





despite how it may appear our founder is not strangling this dog