Hidden talents

I wish I could

go back in time

to the 1920s.

For if I could,

I’d fullfil my life-long dream of

being a tin-pan alley songwriter.

And if I was lucky,

and I worked hard at my craft,

maybe I could get Bing Crosby to sing my new hit song,

Strawberry Fields Forever




When I was a kid I wanted to

learn how to play the piano,

but my parents couldn’t afford to

buy me an entire piano,

but they did get me the piano stool.

So, I mostly practiced my posture.

But you know what?

I was good.

Trefology: reasonable hourly rates

After carefully weighing

all of my options,

I used the first of my three wishes,

granted to me by the genie,


The genie nodded his head and said,

“I here-by grant you one million wishes!”

I shook my head in frustration.

I explained to him that I had said, f-i-s-h-e-s!

One million fishes.

The genie just stopped & gave me a real funny look.

And then, it suddenly hit me —

this guy was not listening to me at all.