To me


A man is never standing so tall as when he

when he is standing on stilts. TO ME: He who lives by

the sword may be occasionally asked to pick-up the sword’s mail.

TO ME: Real beauty comes from with-in, and it slowly eats

away at your insides, until it escapes & attacks your family.

TO ME: Fashion-wise, a pith helmet is easier to pull off if

you have a gap between your teeth. TO ME: Anyone who

has ever claimed that sound cannot exist in a vacuum

has tried to sleep past nine a.m. at a motel. TO ME:

All pop music written after the song “green-sleeves” sucks.

TO ME: We will probably never know how many dyslexic

hippies joined the LDS church by accident. TO ME: You can

always tell a professional jacks player by the way they

say their numbers. TO ME: Flying is safer than driving,

but try getting a flight out of LAX  to McDonalds


Happy Thanksgiving



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In a Photograph

Written & performed by George J. Raymond (related)

Copyright © 2019 all rights reserved


I love to see you smile,

love to hear you laugh,

I’ve got one of those in a photograph

And I love to hear you sleep,

love to watch you dream,

I got both of those in my memories


If you could feel what I feel

when I see you,

heart starts pounding

chills go flying through me …

Contact info:

Good news!

I’ve secured a seasonal job working

in the dead letter department

of the post office.

So, if any of you would like to get in contact with me,

just write me a letter.

And don’t address it.


I’ll be sure to get it,

… eventually.



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If I had a hammer,

I would hammer in the evening,

is exactly why you didn’t want

Pete Seeger as a neighbor.



“I’ve Been Treffing” from the Vintage Toy Advertiser

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Last night,

I was awoken by a raven

that had flown in through

my open window, and

perched itself atop my book-case.


Who is there? I cried.

Let me give you what for!

But t’wasn’t human that answered.


Said the raven,

“Dinty Moore”


Tell me, bird, I asked.

Are you an omen, or divine?

Is this a message of the future?

 Of what I have in store?

But my plea it went unanswered.


Said the raven,

“Dinty Moore”


Wait, I said,

as suddenly I knew.

Dinty Moore?

The beef-stew?


Is that why you bother me?

Is this what you tout?

Is that why you woke me?


Said the raven,

“I’ll show myself out.”


part two


The next morning,

still in my kerchief & night-gown,

I sat with a cup of coffee at

the breakfast nook;

lit a bowl, & pondered my

passerine pop-in ad.


And how, despite the intrusion,

I suppose some beef-stew

did sound pretty good.


When suddenly,

there was a tapping at my window.

It was another raven!

This one dressed smart —


In a pressed white shirt

with black tie — taut.

On a card table was an e-meter.


Said the raven,

“Would you like to see a thought?”