Why do birds suddenly appear?

I say it’s you,

but really,

it’s bread-crumbs,



I remember my first cigarette. I still have it. It’s my lucky cigarette.


Some things gone may still remain.

Like, for instance,

the Ty-d-bol man.

His ads disappeared from TV,

… a long time ago.

But, that doesn’t mean

he still isn’t inside your toilet.


Go ahead and check.

He may just be there.

… boating around, killing time

And waiting for you

to notice him.

Steeped unconsciousness



one should not feel compelled to climb a mountain

simply because it is there.

We ask, What if mountains are not there?


this would not be the first illusion

I’ve encountered that got me winded.

Maybe these so-called ‘mountains’

are really just phantasms created

by our unconsciousness,

that climbers sometimes

fall off of.


Part 2: What Price Abs?


In my family we have a story,

how, after my birth,

my father climbed Raymond Mountain,

and upon reaching the top

lifted my newly born self

high into the sky,

and in a strong, proud voice, said, “One!”

Then he lowered me back down,

but then quickly lifted me back up again.

“Two!” Said my father.

Unexplained mysteries

A man boards a 727 to Denver.

For reasons he cannot explain,

he immediately exits the plane.

Leaving the terminal, the man

hails down a taxi, telling the driver

to take him to Denver, asap.

A moment later,

the taxi takes off into the air,

crashing into the 727 to Denver.


How did this man know the plane was going to crash?

D8QeUsMXkAAaloY* special thanks to Koala LaFong, for use of the photo

Reminder: Though the Big Bang Theory was cancelled, you can still see the cosmic microwave remnants of it when you turn your tv to static.