We thought you looked familiar


trefology your first symposium is free.

Though during the symposium we will teach you

that every student present had lived this same life before,

and that we accept cash & credit cards. 


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Do you need something remembered?

Call upon Jimmie Jams:

the King of the Catchy-phrase ™

Since 1852

Successful successor to Jams Family & Co.

Gent’s Hard-tack and Chicory goods


I’m tired of ouija boards telling me what to do

We use a ouija boards

to ask questions of the dead,

but sometimes I wonder —

what do the dead know really?

Because you may have

slipped on a wet tile in the bathroom,

broke your neck & died,

suddenly you have some good advice for me?

Unless it’s to wear bath slippers after showering, of course.

                                                                  Because that’s sensible

trefology spontaneously appears around the globe

Don’t dream it’s over, make that over a reality. Talk to a Trefology registrar to-day!