A girl named, sincerely

I used to know a girl named, Sincerely.

When she moved away,

I tried to write her a letter to

express all the things in my heart.

It was a very short letter.

It began,

Dear Sincerely,


P.S. Once again, I have run out of room.


So, then, at the bottom of the letter,

I added a bunch of X’s and O’s.

Telling her,

this is what Tic Tac Toe looks like

untethered by the number sign.


If lost in the woods,

leave a trail of bread crumbs

for the birds to eat.

It might help to have some friends on the inside.

Modern necromancy

The restless spirit of the

Spanish ventriloquist, Senor Wences

has begun communicating through me,

using my hand as a vehicle, just

as he once did his famous characters.


I say this to you, confidentially, &

only because, Senor Wences, has intimated 

that he has something very important

to tell you …

about the future!


So, pull up a chair, as I

don’t want you miss

a single word.


But before you do,

let me first apply some lip-stick to

my thumb and forefinger.


Because, friend,

there is something else I should tell you,

Senor Wences —

wants to kiss you!