Remembering that per the trefological calendar the new year does not officially begin until Februrarary the durst (sic), I hope you have a safe Dec. 31st

A man once said to me,

“Live every day as if it were your last,

for to-morrow, you could wake up,

walk outside,

& get hit by a bus with spears

sticking out the front of it.”

That man’s name was Mad Max.

So, from all of me, to some of you, I wish you a

Blithesome Pre-New Year!

0Our founder waited anxiously for Zander, Klaus but Zander, Klaus did not show

Bare in mind

Per the Trefological calendar:

the New Year does not officially begin until February the 1st.

December 31st is therefore considered a Pre-New Year event.

… So from all of me

to parts of you,

I wish you a happy and prosperous 31 day Pre-New Year.

And remember!

Though mortal coil

can go down stairs

like the Slinky do …

Be careful!

As you may still be

connected to it

0-3Our founder contemplates the future as a Christmas tree approaches from behind.

Arriving late, helena blavatsky gets stuck with the piano stool

If I could have any ten historical figures

over for dinner,

I would choose,

1.) Pot luck.

2.) My famous potato salad, and

3.) What-ever dishes the historical figures bring

Because I can’t cook.

And I, sure as hell, am

not going to embarass myself

in front of the Three Stooges

**  Don’t forget to leave out a letter of apology to Zander, Klaus!  **