The circus

I remember the Christmas

when the circus came to town.

A few of the kids in my class

skipped school

to see the show.


There was a murmuring

in class as

those of us remaining

began to notice the

growing number of

empty desks.


“Skipped school to see the circus?!”

We whispered among ourselves.



However, the next day,

many of the desks

remained empty, and

our teacher told us that

our classmates were

in the hospital suffering from

severe poisoning,

but they would be OK.


Furthermore, she explained,

it wasn’t the circus that

was in town,

but a home that was being

fumigated for insects.



there was


in class …


“A home being fumigated for insects?!”

We whispered among ourselves.


Bare in mind

Per the Trefological calendar:

the New Year does not officially begin until February the 1st.

December 31st is therefore considered a Pre-New Year event.

… So from all of me

to parts of you,

I wish you a happy and prosperous 31 day Pre-New Year.

And remember!

Though mortal coil

can go down stairs

like the Slinky do …

Be careful!

As you may still be

connected to it

0-3Our founder contemplates the future as a Christmas tree approaches from behind.

Arriving late, helena blavatsky gets stuck with the piano stool

If I could have any

ten historical figures

over for dinner,

I would choose:


One: Pot luck.

Two: My famous potato salad.


Three: What-ever dishes the

historical figures bring


Because I can’t cook.

And I, sure as hell, am

not going to embarrass myself

in front of the Three Stooges

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