A fish on the sand

Once at the beach

I saw a fish pull itself from the surf onto the sand.

I turned to look, because you don’t see

this sort of thing very often.

I watched as the fish then carefully balanced itself on it’s tail

& began to hop towards me


As the fish came closer

he grinned & said

“How am I doing?”


Looking good, I replied,

& gave a thumbs up.

The fish looked around to see if anybody else had noticed,

& then confided,

“How crazy is this, boy?”


But before I could reply

the fish suddenly flicked its tail, 

sending a little bit of sand into my eyes.

It only took me a second to gather myself

but when I looked back up,

the fish was already racing back toward the sea.


It needn’t have bothered, though.

The fish had nothing to fear from me.

I wasn’t going to chase it.


I was just disappointed.

It wasn’t evolution I was witness to ——

Just some





despite how it may appear our founder is not strangling this dog