A fish on the sand

Once at the beach


I saw a fish

emerge from

the ocean


Then, the fish

stood up,

and began to walk

towards me


“How crazy is this, boy?” said the fish


before I could

say a word the

fish, suddenly,

flicked its tail, 

sending a bit

of sand

into my eyes.


“Hey,” I said


It took me a second

to gather myself

but when I looked,

the fish was gone,


I still remember

seeing the fish

racing back to

the surf


But — he needn’t

have bothered.

I wasn’t going to chase him


The fish had nothing

to fear from me.


I wasn’t even mad.

Just disappointed.


For, it

wasn’t evolution

I witness to,


just some





despite how it may appear our founder is not strangling this dog

7 thoughts on “A fish on the sand

  1. Lucky that fish didn’t bring
    a beach towel.
    Otherwise it probably would’ve
    given it a good sandy shake,
    right in your face.
    I blame his school. Fish parents
    these days are not very hands on.
    “No time”, they say. And no hands ✋.

    Liked by 1 person

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