To-morrow the birds will sing


written & performed by George J. Raymond

(c.) Copyright 2015

All Rights Reserved


What kind of hole

are you going to leave

when you’re gone?


Will the world be a better place

without you here?


What kind of hole

are you gonna leave

when you’re gone?


Size of a redwood tree,

or a little ole weed?


And when the talkings


and they bury you

(Or, whatever it is they’re gonna do)

Will anybody be

crying over you?


And when they bag

up your clothes,

and bring them to

the Goodwill store,

will anybody be proud

to wear your shoes?


What kind of cloud’s gonna be

hanging over you when you die,

full of rain or cotton in the sky?



3 thoughts on “To-morrow the birds will sing

    • The music on trefology is from my father. He recorded a bunch of songs on his reel to reel beginning in the 1960s. Unfortunately, everything up to the mid eighties has been lost. But mercifully, I managed to save a few. Thanks, Toke

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