yes, i’ll hold

From the Letter Section

Hello, my name is J.M.K. and right now my headlights are on in the parking lot.

Dear George

Each time I visit a new city I am required to search out a Triple A meeting. Why? Because I am a convicted abuser of Free Tow Truck services. But thanks to the Trefology Course workshop, ‘No! Shame!’ I have been unable to alcohol & really turned my life around. I cannot wait to one day meet you and shake your hands. Both your left & right.

Conversely, I am still battling my AAA problem.

J.M.K. Clackamas, Or.

Thanks for the letter J.M.K. I always enjoy hearing from my fans. Yes, I would love for you to shake my hands. Violently shake them. That said, If we see you on the grounds I will personally have you arrested.



Why make the same mistakes as the foolish man above. Learn Trefology!

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