Grade 1: handling impotence

Abridged from the Grade 1 Workbook © section IV part II




The technology for determining impotence is as such. Step I: The Diminished Male first glues a series of attached stamps onto his Penis before Bedtime. 

Step II: In the morning, if the Anxious Male wakes to find the stamps are still attached, it can be determined decisively that he suffers from a case of impotence, of which there is NO known cure. 

If, on the other hand, the Subtracted Male wakes to find his penis has been surreptitiously mailed to an unspecified location, the males troubles were all psychological.

Step III: Write up confession of impotence to Instructor.

Step IV: Wink at pretty girl

That’s it! Congratulations!

Once you have completed this Action the student should move onto

Part III

“To Where Exactly Has My Penis Been Mailed?”

… And I consider this mystery solved after a half-century of research into the Be-Mind


Nov. 12 1969

age 4


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