Let that raga drop

Scan 1


“It’s a Pretty Good Start (Blame Game)”

written & performed

by George J. Raymond

© copyright 2015 all rights reserved


I’m going to take a good look

inside my head and find out

what’s working or not.


I’m going to take a good look

at everything I ever said,

I’m going to put myself on the spot


I’m going to look at

myself in the same way

I’ve been looking

at everybody else.


I’m going to be critical,

play it seriously analytical

blame game


If you’ve got an accent

that I don’t understand,

I guess i got one too


But if I try a little harder

to figure you out

i’ll bet you try harder too


I’m going to look at myself …


It’s a pretty good start

don’t you think so?

I’m going to have to say

goodbye, though,

to all my so-called friends,

who kept me in the dark


But it’s a pretty good start.


I won’t you to know

it didn’t go so well

I found out things

I didn’t want to know


You ought to go ahead

and try it yourself,

see how far you can go


Sometimes you can see farther

in the dead of night

when you think you can’t see anything at all


Play it critical

seriously analytical

blame game

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