An urgent message to all trefologists

Help us Convert St. Bernadette to Trefology

Prayer of Conversion to Trefology

“St. Bernadette † Pure & simple child † Friend & confidant of the Immaculate Virgin † What would you say if I told you there was a philosophy that married the yearn for Knowledge with the knowledge of Yearn? † Do you think that would be something you’d be interested in? † Because, Saint Bernadette, there is such a philosophy † Yes, that’s right † It’s trefology † 

Now I want you to Listen very closely to my voice 

Come to us, Bernie — Come to trefology  

I pray for your absorption through the intercession of Theotokos



And … awake! 

Repeat prayer until sign is given

Thank You

george raymond



On this the 172nd birthday of Bernadette Soubirous we wish to extend an invitation for you to convert trefology!

Its pays to switch!



  • Holidays off
  • Trefology spans the Multi-verse (theoretically)
  • Trefology Bumper Sticker & Membership Card
  • General seating at selected ESPN Zone locations
  • 24 hour Sin removal services **
  • A personal phone call from ELO’s Jeff Lynne (limited to friends of Jeff Lynne only)
  • A nice, cold glass of mother’s sweet Ovaltine

Here at Trefology

We don’t promise Eternity. We guarantee it! ™

(guarantee voids on death of member)

** Now Available for both Mortal & Venial sized cleanings

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