Listen with your ears



“You Bring Me Back”

written & performed by

George J. Raymond

copyright © 2016 all rights reserved


When I start drinking

I get real loud

I think I’m king of the hill

Start pushing, ambushing

swinging from my hip

at will


You bring me back

You really calm me down

You bring me back

You bring me back



I get a little irritable,

prone to be mad,

when things don’t go my way

Hair trigger,

quick one the draw,

some people say


You ain’t such a good old

lady you know,

you cheated on me once or twice.

I had the same feeling before,

but I put myself on ice


You know I tried it once or twice

but I never got it right

You know I am better in the daylight

then I am at night


I get a little nervous,

feel insecure,

when you leave me alone

I imagine

you’re having

relationships I don’t condone.

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