She served it with a grin

Women pose in front of their surfboards on Waikiki beach in Honolulu, November 1938

“Talking ‘Bout Spam”

written & performed by George J. Raymond

Copyright© 2016 all rights reserved

Come in little cans

had a lot of fans

in the army infantry


Some people hate

but a lot of kids ate it

growing up near Waikiki


Mama said,

“It’s good for you”

She would serve it with a grin

And it’s not surprising

after eating it all our life,

to be in the shape were in


Comes in a can

kind of tastes like ham

you don’t want to see

it made


We ate a lot of it

and started to love it

fried up with

rice and egg


It was quite a feat squeezing

Hawaiian steak

into that little tin

since i left home

sure miss mom

but i don’t miss the indigestion


Talking about Spam …


Slice, dice it, fry it up

and spice it

It made me what I am


Spam, Spam, Spam


When I go back

to look up my old friends

in Honolulu

We pops some beers

and eat a lot of

Spamalulu stew


Mama said …


Talkin’ ’bout Spam …

16 thoughts on “She served it with a grin

  1. Can’t seem to reply direct so I’ll reply here!

    Thank you for sharing, t. Sounds like music would’ve made for some great memories growing up. That words can bring a smile to someone, a stranger or not, is a wonderful thing to know. And I think very much part of the magic of the blogosphere. My brother drew the long straw where musicality is concerned in our family; I can attest that a simple compliment, or many, goes a long way!

    More spam-like posts in future?! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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