The bridge to Naboombu

When I first saw the film,

Bedknobs & Broomsticks,

I was near certain

I was witness to the future of

inter-animational travel.


And yet, here we are

some forty-odd years later

& you don’t even hear

about bed-knobs anymore

ii. Whilst flying broomstick technology seems far behind where it should be

11 thoughts on “The bridge to Naboombu

  1. Did you know that in Missouri there is a town named Knob Noster? Right next door is Whiteman Air Force Base, which routinely dismisses reports filed by the folks of Knob Noster claiming they’ve seen unidentified flying broomsticks (UFBs).

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  2. I had a friend who introduced himself to a “bedknob”. Turned out the light by the door and dove for the bed. Nose first into the bedknob. I asked him if he knew about bedside tables and lamps. He didn’t seem to comprehend. He likes doing it his way.

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