Early Monday morning

I discovered, to my dis-tress,

that, sometime during the 

previous evening, somebody

had stolen my car.


I immediately called the police

& filed a report.

The police-man they sent to my

apartment told me that

they would do their best,

but not to hold out too much hope.


On the following Monday,

the same police-man called me,

and in a hopeful voice, said that

they had located my vehicle,

but, he warned, it had been

stripped of everything.


“OK,” I said. “I’ll come by and pick it up —- ”

But the policeman interrupted me & said, 

“We’ll just mail it to you.”


A week later,

I rec’d an envelope in the mail from the police.


Inside the envelope was

my windshield wiper blade.


Under-neath the blade

was a ticket.      


I imagine the WWE organisation has a guy whose only job is to order more foldable tables.

15 thoughts on “Mondays

  1. Something similar happened to me in my late teens/early twenties. One morning I found my car missing from where I’d parked it the night before on a side street (no garage). After reporting it to the police, a cop called an hour or two later to say they’d found my car. When I asked where, the cop said on the nearby main street in a ‘no parking’ zone, adding “Are you sure you didn’t park it there, and report it stolen to avoid a parking ticket?” Needless to add, I lost a bit of respect for the police on that day.

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