Unexplained mysteries

A man boards a

727 to Denver.

For reasons he

cannot explain,

he immediately exits the plane.


A few minutes later,

leaving the

terminal, the man

hails a taxi,

telling the driver

to take him

to Denver, Colorado.



A moment later,

the man’s taxi

takes off into the air …


… crashing into

the 727 to Denver.



How did this man know the plane was going to crash?


D8QeUsMXkAAaloY* special thanks to Koala LaFong, for use of the photo

Reminder: Though the Big Bang Theory was cancelled, you can still see the cosmic microwave remnants of it when you turn your tv to static.

16 thoughts on “Unexplained mysteries

  1. The pilot had just announced:
    “Welcome aboard. We’ll be landing at Denver International Airport in approximately four hours and twenty-eight minutes.Just a reminder that Denver sits at 4,280 feet above sea level. I’ve programmed the autopilot. You’re in safe hands. Relax and enjoy the flight.”

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