29 thoughts on “The old turn-around

      • Hah! Fred was the best. I remember the night he passed away. I called the local San Francisco big band/popular music station and told them to play some FA. They said, we don’t have any records by Fred. I said, “OK, and that is why I will never listen to your station again.” Fred was a brilliant song interpreter, too.

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      • I looked this up: Irving Berlin considered Astaire the equal of any male interpreter of his songs—”as good as Jolson, Crosby or Sinatra, not necessarily because of his voice, but for his conception of projecting a song.” Full disclosure: Of course, I listened to that radio station again. It was all we had. The only other big band station in SF was based out of local high school (KCEA, not as good as its heyday, though still my go to when I am writing or just relaxing with a cup of coffee.) and it’s signal seemed to stop about half way up our driveway.

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  1. I took tap dancing as a kid and then for almost a decade as an adult (until it ruined my ankle). I love tap and wish I could still do it. I might take up drumming though – it’s sort of like tap dancing with your hands.

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