26 thoughts on “A horse named chagrin

  1. Hah

    On Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 2:33 PM t r e f o l o g y wrote:

    > tref posted: “In my youth, adults were always telling me to hold my > horses, but never to ride my horses, or to feed my horses, or, to lock up > my horses at night, and, pretty soon, I had no more horses” >

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    • I typed in the word, horse, into my site search and was surprised to see how many came up. Apparently it is a theme of mine of which I was not aware. That said, i grew up at the end of the tv cowboy era, so I guess there were still a lot of ‘horse’ phrases going around. Somewhere in one of my notebooks I know I wrote a few variations of the phrase, ‘good ole horse sense’, so it appears there are more to come!

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