Memories of grandpa

Grandpa always wore an old fishing cap.

I remember it was covered from brim to brim

with all of these colorful & expensive fishing lures.

There were pink ones,

& green ones, & blue ones,

& yellow ones.

Some shaped like fish, and a few home-made ones

that didn’t resemble anything at all.


But grandpa was not a very good fisherman,

and was never known

to have ever caught anything of note.

Except for that one day, though,

when he removed his cap too quickly,

and grandpa caught

an entire human scalp.


26 thoughts on “Memories of grandpa

  1. Have you seen “Big Fish,” a film by Tim Burton starring Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, and a number of other notable actors? Your post today reminds me of that film, which I have on DVD. It might inspire you to grow the legend of your grandfather…

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    • My first time fishing was devastating. I had all this nice equipment, and I loved finding places for all my new stuff in my official fishing carry-case, with its many little pockets and flaps. But soon after I discovered that fishing involved actually killing a fish — and as my parents often repeated, I totally lost it.


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