27 thoughts on “Culinary transformations

    • Two round graham cookies, with marshmallow filling in the center, dipped in chocolate and very delicious. It’s called American culture, and it is second to none. Brush up!

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      • Not only is graham crackers, but Graham was crackers, as he, allegedly invented them to help curb self-abuse. His reasoning being … Who knows? Maybe. Which is good reasoning, and something I apply to everything I do. Can Trefology curb self abuse? Who knows? Maybe. Though perhaps, trefology should get into the dry biscuit business.

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      • Not sure about this term ‘self abuse’. Is that whistling while eating crackers? You, know, the bits go all over you (and any observers wishing 20′)?
        I like to think Trefology promotes self-care, in whatever form that takes.

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  1. I grew up in South Carolina, where the moon-pie was one of our major food groups, along with pork skins and grits. I considered only the vanilla flavored versions “moon pies.” I liked chocolate—“singularity pies.”

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    • The vanilla is good, too. Maybe better than the chocolate. Just as I prefer vanilla Zingers over chocolate Zingers. Yet, even as a kid, I was always drawn to the chocolate, no matter the taste.

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