36 thoughts on “Meet up

  1. LONESOME PLAYER: Are there ghosts present?
    OUIJA DATING BOARD: You’re totally surrounded.
    LONESOME PLAYER: Evil or good?
    OUIJA DATING BOARD: There are three groups: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    LONESOME PLAYER: Single or married?
    OUIJA DATING BOARD: They’re in constantly fluctuating relationships.
    LONESOME PLAYER: How tall?
    OUIJA DATING BOARD: From knee high to a grasshopper to dwarfing a kraken.
    LONESOME PLAYER: Religion?
    OUIJA DATING BOARD; Heavens, no! Why the hell would you ask a question like that?
    LONESOME PLAYER: Carrying chains?
    OUIJA DATING BOARD: Yes. Handcuffs, whips, and blindfolds, too. How kinky are you?
    LONESOME PLAYER: Doomed to one location?
    OUIJA DATING BOARD: No. They can even get under your skin. Literally.
    LONESOME PLAYER: Willing to bi-locate?
    OUIJA DATING BOARD: They’ll haunt you wherever you go. There’s no escape.

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  2. Whenever I’ve Ouija’d, the only spirits that would respond couldn’t spell, just like my friend who had her fingers on the planchette with me. I suspect that they were just trying to communicate with her.

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