Blood pancakes

I asked myself,


I really have another

serving of pancakes?



I had already finished

three helpings, and

though I was dining

at an eat-all-you-can

pancake restaurant,

I still felt I might be

over-doing it.


So, I asked God

for a sign.

Any sign at all.


Just then,

I heard the crackle of

the diner’s over-head

television set, as it

suddenly turned on,

and then, the

urgent news report:


Mining disaster in Asia!

Many feared dead.

Hundreds more missing …


So, yeh, I had another

serving of pancakes.

But I did not feel good

about it

28 thoughts on “Blood pancakes

  1. Yeah. At least they (and you) don’t feel good about it while they (you) consume more and more.
    That’s enough to counterbalance any negative karma, lol

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