36 thoughts on “Laurel & hardy death car

  1. True, dat. We weren’t allowed those sugary cereals in our household, a scarring experience I’ve made up for in my consumption of lollies (and attendant Dental visits).

    I’m a certified Astral Catcher. Wanna form a business?

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  2. Real fact: “REAL INGREDIENTS,” printed bold on a dry-cereal box, picturing plump berries in luscious colors, ripely nice. Mice type printed on the side corroborates the claim with “freeze-dried berries.” In a bowl with milk, the berries float high and dry as expanded polystyrene, and between the teeth, they’re as crunchy as carbon dioxide ice. I have written copy for famous-brand cereal boxes, and even had one personally autographed by a singing cowboy. But I’d be more proud to have written “REAL INGREDIENTS” for a dry cereal box, whose ingredients look and tastes every bit as real as Froot Loops. All to say, I feel your gluten.

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  3. (1) Fruit Loops make for a h̶e̶a̶r̶t̶y̶ hardy breakfast. Years ago, Kellogg’s decided to also produce other great cereals. They didn’t rest on their laurels̶..
    (2) When it comes to gluten, I’m a glutton.
    (3) My box of cereal doesn’t say anything. No matter how much I threaten it, the box refuses to speak.
    (4) I tried astral projection, but when my soul tried to return, my body was holding a sign that read “No Vacancy.”
    (5) I tried being a mirror salesman, but, quite mysteriously, the mirror crack’d.

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  4. Same here. Very little junk food. Except for breakfast cereal once in a while. Captain Crunch. Count Chocula. How are we complete strangers but living parallel lives?! lololol

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  5. And I remember Count Chocula turning the milk chocolatey, I think. I wasn’t fond of that! If I wanted chocolate milk, I’d use chocolate milk, ha.

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