Light energy

DO you want to

know a secret?


Aside from the

three wishes

granted me by


Fairy Godmother


not a single one of

my other wishes

has ever come true!


So, what do you do

when all the

standard channels of


are closed to you?


What do you do


it is not your birthday

and you have no

birthday candles?


What do you do

if, like me,

you find wish-bones,

kind of



I’ll tell you.


Did you know

that you can

make a wish on a



It’s true!


Now I know what

you’re thinking,

“Make a wish on a cloud?

That sounds expensive!”


Well, you’ll be

happy to know that

it will cost you




So, go ahead,

find a cloud


make a wish!


But, remember,

it’s a cloud,


it’s probably best

to keep your wish


or, cloud-related.

32 thoughts on “Light energy

  1. Don’t make any precipitous wishes you might later regret. And keep it simple and straightforward. Too much detail will only cloud the issue. Also, be humble, tactful, and low key. Some clouds have a stormy disposition, and are capable of funneling their anger at you. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but I do want to caution you against cloud-related wishes.

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  2. I really enjoy your poetry – I like your sense of humour – and reading your work always gives me a lift. (I, too, find wish bones disturbing…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, per the Bible, a cloud is usually a good thing, it’s what the angels ride down on, but there is always the famous idiom of someone having a “black cloud” above them. But I love inclement weather, it is all good with me.

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