40 thoughts on “Good spelling is essential

  1. To kill call:
    Same hole as the M
    Dial NO ;)

    I totally enjoyed your Hitchcock rewind, Geo. Thx.
    Brought back my family’s first phone. Not only was
    it noir, and have a dial with holes, it was wired into
    a “party line”: when you lifted the receiver to your ear,
    you were as likely to hear a party planning a party,
    as a dial tone.
    One time, I heard a party say, “dial M for Murdock.”
    So as gently as I had lifted the receiver, I returned
    it to the cradle. And there it remained, until I read
    “Good spelling is essential.” At last, I can stop

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  2. The film title should have been a clue that the bad guy was (Ray) Milland. Of course, the M could also stand for Mistermuse, but Hitchcock thought I was too young for the part (or was it too old — in any case, I felt like an out-cast).

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