ONE day,

long after I have

shaved my last shave,

someone may turn to

someone else, and say,

“I bet George is

spinning in his grave.”


And no doubt

they will hit that square

on the chin,

for what else is there to

do in a grave, but spin?


Still, who can

reasonably say, I thought,

for maybe that day,

my plan was to stay

completely still, and rot


That is why my friends

I come to-day to tout

that my grave is to be


so as to erase all doubt.


Just press the button

on my tomb-stone,

you’ll be happy you enquired.

And what’s best,

the button is free

to press!

No offense in my name



AND finally then,

my friend,

for certain you will know,

for six feet


there I go!

Round and round and




bw party tref

44 thoughts on “Revolutions

  1. A little morbid, but the up side is the free button to get the spinning going.
    I’ll start at the gas station to get free air for my tires then continue on over to the cemetery for another freebie–especially since the second one is for such a good cause! :) :)

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