28 thoughts on “We danced all night to the christoph waltz

  1. Did you hear the one about the sly Munchkin who asked Dorothy to waltz with him in the middle of the road? He faked slipping on a “wet brick” in order to “accidentally” kick Toto in the tush! Why? It turns out that he was pissed at Toto and all the dogs that came before him for staining the road’s white bricks a smelly yellow with their indiscriminate wee-wee. After a quick and obviously insincere apology, the Munchkin took off running down the road. But his little legs were no match for an angry dog’s. Toto gave chase immediately, and in no time flat took a bloody good bite out of the vengeful Munchkin’s britches!

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  2. I gotta admit I’m a little out of the loop here. What is the meaning of the title?
    I do understand the strategy of retreat, though. It really is the only answer sometimes, lol !!

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    • hey, S. Actually, the title has no meaning whatsoever. Christop Waltz is an actor most commonly seen in Tarantino films. In the moment, it had seemed kind of funny to me. Maybe not as much now.

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  3. Well, it’s not completely meaningless, then, since you did a clever turn of phrase with his name, lol. And I really like that actor, btw. He does interesting roles, imho.

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