The time before sandwiches

DID you know

that the

people who lived

during the

Middle Ages,

did not

eat sandwiches?


That’s a fact.


It turns out,


had not been

invented yet.


This, despite,



the ingredients

for one.


They just ate them all separate.


For, you see, back then …


First you bit a chunk of bread,

then you bit a chunk of meat,

then you bit a chunk of cheese,

and, then, I assume,

you licked a spoonful of mayonnaise.


Then one day,

the Earl of Sandwich

happened by,

took notice of this,

and said,

“I think I can help these idiots”


And later,

the Earl opened

a small deli.


… And I hear he was quite successful.




Happy 79th Birthday, Mom!



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