39 thoughts on “The hardest part

  1. George Raymond
    by Wic E. Ruse Blade
    “Thanks I’ faith, for silence is only commendable
    In a neat’s tongue dried, and a maid not vendible”
    —William Shakespeare, “Merchant of Venice”

    He is American, a funny NewMillennial,
    a blogging logger and a flowering perennial.
    His site, Trefology, was like a grove of falling trees,
    where one might sight him, yes, for his appalling drolleries.
    And yet, one laughed time and again for what he had to say,
    succinct, so tidy, easy too, those wood-strings on display.
    For years, one would see him—that flan—in some swell restaurant,
    there grimacing before his plate or drink, so nonchalant,
    as if his frolic slices were not quite commestable,
    or even worse, like forest humus, weren’t digestible.

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