45 thoughts on “Moon over trefology

  1. Yeah, I’m a Funk & Wagnalls guy myself, but look at the bright side, Geo, you can’t Funk&Wagnall ‘trefology’ but it sure as shootin’ pops up on Google. (P.S. I hesitate to ask what that photo’s all about.)

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  2. (1) My parents bought the 1968 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica when I was a young teenager. I’ll never forget the article on space travel that dismissed the likelihood of rocketing to the moon, which occurred the very next year!
    (2) There was a brief period of time in the late 1960’s where boys wore bell bottoms pants with a colorful pattern and a button fly. So I definitely was a “fancy pants” back then (for maybe a full school year). Now I just wear faded blue jeans. So I guess I’m a “dull pants” guy.

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    • Me, too. My grandparents had built-in bookcases in each room and they filled them with encyclopedias, reference books, the time/life Our American Century books, WWII histories, movie books … and each time I would visit I would pull a stack of them out and bring them to the sun-room to read. I miss all the books … Thanks, Basilike.


  3. When I was in high school, Geo, I only wore black (1970) for some reason. I got the nickname, “Witch” but I often wondered if they were really saying something else! :) Loved your post, but I, too, am curious about that photo.

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  4. Whenever I see old phone books they just look like amazing bones from the Jurassic period or something, like SO ancient already! And we DID toss our two hard cover dictionaries. And in retrospect, that DOES seem dumb. :)

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  5. I remember when my Mom once told me to “look it up in my Funk & Wagnalls” and I had no idea what it meant… I never laughed so hard. I do miss going to libraries and getting into any research there. Cheers to a good week ahead.

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  6. We owned “World Books of Knowledge,” taught you everything “…from Aardvark to Zygote…..” My grandfather sometimes called me Mister Bigshot, but in his Western Ukrainian accent it sounded more like Meester Beegshot. —CC

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