In rented boots

When I die

I want to

have a

post-mortem photo

taken of me

for posterity,


just as they did

in the

Victorian Age


My family gathered around me …

everybody in great sorrow


Except, I want

the photo to be taken

at one of those

old-timey photo studios

like, they

have at the wharf,


That way,

if anybody

should ever


as to what had

become of me


my family

can tell them,

that I died


back in the days of the Old West.



a = louie_Fotor2

all hail.

45 thoughts on “In rented boots

  1. I tried this once with an old camera… it was in the days when you took your roll of film to the pharmacy or somewhere to get it developed. I waited a few days, but, alas, when I got my prints the order had been mixed up with some family taking a European vacation.

    PS. Good to see a foodie photo again!

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    • I once owned a 3-d camera from the 1950s. I loved the 3-d but what I loved more was that every photo looked as if it had been taken in the 1950s. Then one day I came home and my camera was busted and no one in the family was talking. Thanks, F.

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