Musical interlude

Scan 4


“How Long Has It Been?”

written & performed


George J. Raymond

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved


How long has it been since

I made you happy?

How long has it been since

we really had some fun?


I don’t know how

it happened, but

darling, I believed


I was number one


Thank you so much

for taking my call,

I know your abroad

having a ball


But until you get home,

can’t wait til you do,

I’ll feel like number two


No rhythm or rhyme,

to you

leaving this time

I never went out on you

I did everything you

that told me to


You took a cruise

way across the sea,

left me alone in

New York city

Honey pie, won’t you have

some pity one me?


Take care of yourself

and be all right

I sleep on your

pillow every night


What’s that I hear

Are you starting to cry

And you heavy at heart

saying goodbye?


I think I understand now

so, I’ll give it a try

I’ll always love you


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