Frohes neues jahr!


Los Angeles, CA

TCO POLICY LETTER of February 01, 2017


To the tens of Trefologists the world under, I want to wish you a happy new y’ar!

As some of you know, per the trefological calendar, to-day, Wednesday February 1, 02 A.T. ** signals start of the only sanctioned first day of the new y’ar

Please remember to adjust cheques, non-trefological calendars, dental appointments, &c., accordingly. 

Consider how far we’ve come with Trefology in just two short years. When I first began this minor enterprise of little note, I had only a stolen nickel in my pocket & a million dollars in the bank (loaned to me on the promise I would one day return the nickel *). It was a more innocent time at the foundation, the world had not yet learned of the total number of great composers murdered by Antonio Salieri. Though, thru my tireless research, we now know that number to be zero. 

It is said, Socrates believed the source of intelligence existed entirely in the strong chin of a gentleman. Consequently, men with weak chins would walk through Athens jutting out their jaw, or, filling their lower lip with peanut shells. Some began to use cow dung to extend their chins to impossible lengths. These were thought to the wisest men of them all. Stories were written of the eager flies that followed these men about, & our modern caricature of the fly wearing a graduation hat & standing in front of a blackboard with the letters, A,B,C, written in chalk , began with these great men searching for an easy path to infinite knowledge.

Consider the hummingbird. Though the hummingbird eats its own weight in food each day, it’s really an approximation, as the creature has only a basic knowledge of mass, & no direct access to scales or balances.

Finally, consider the young student who is always tardy. How did they become tardy? Is it easy, or does it require time spent after school in quiet meditation? 

I think I’ll be surprised by my answer.

With the advent of Trefology, the quick & easy path to infinite knowledge, food weighing & yes, even the state of being tardy, is something that is achievable, but it will not be quick, or, easy! 

Now let us get you on that path & started. And I promise you will never be asked to extend your chin with cow dung, at the start.




* no dice!

** two years after the release of trefology



Missions & Orgs

Manoir de Edrionam



“From all of me

to some of you,

I wish a happy & prosperous

new y’ar.”

11 thoughts on “Frohes neues jahr!

  1. My life changed completely the very second I discovered Trefology and I don’t regret a single thing. Except maybe that time I ate my own weight in hummingbirds, having misunderstood the teachings. They were far worse on the way out than they were on the way in.

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  2. So far from the centre of sanity it will take an expedition to find. Not even sure what the ‘it’ we seek even is, yet ‘it’ is out there. As such, my colleagues and I shall have to attend The Reform Club in London to seek appropriate sponsors. When found, whatever it maybe, we shall mark it with the Union Flag and claim as the Queen’s own.

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