Time to go & see the ink-man

Sometimes I’ll be deep into the writing of a letter

& suddenly notice that the paper in front of me

is totally blank.

Then I have to wonder, have I been writing this letter

with invisible ink,

or, has my pen run dry?

OK, I  say to myself — think! who is it that I am writing to?

Oh yeh —  a spy!

12 thoughts on “Time to go & see the ink-man

  1. How did you forget? You’re writing with lemon juice! You just need to hold the paper over some heat (a stove burner works great). That will bring out your writing!

    My shower head is so weak, I hardly get clean at all. I think my shower head is a lemon.

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      • I’m painfully aware that I need to write a new limerick or two. The past two days, I’ve been writing song lyrics. And the week before that, I spent seven days or so working on a scene in my detective book (it required some technical information pertaining to aircraft). Before that… Well, I’m out of excuses! But stay tuned, I’ll try to write a new limerick next week! I’m glad you enjoy them. I get an email notification each time you read one, so I know you’re reading them in reverse order.

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