22 thoughts on “Phone of arc

  1. I once sent a kite into the sky above Fátima (Portugal) during a thunderstorm, and it was struck by a bolt of lightning. Miraculously, this caused the storm clouds to rain $100 bills. Thousands of people gathered… And virtually everyone was thrilled to collect some manna from heaven. But there was this one wealthy fellow who wished to impress a young lady. He said, “Franklin, my dear? I don’t give a damn!”

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    • Haha! ‘Franklin my dear’ is worthy of a limerick. Speaking of Franklin, have you ever heard the story of Ben and his friends encountering their first mini-tornado (whirlwind?). They exited their coach and began trying to horse-whip the dust devil. Ultimately, failing to alter its course. And whilst there is no point to this story, I always thought it an interesting image.

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