Transtemporal polarities

I find that if I fix

my attention on

a copy of the

Reader’s Digest


wholly & completely


without any distraction


totally surrendering myself to its pages.


I swear to you,

for just a second, or, two,

I can transport myself

back in time

to my grandmother’s toilet


“Hello?” I cry. “Grandma, it’s me!

Your Georgie-boy!


I’ve come back in time

to use your bathroom!


— But don’t open the door yet.”

ii. El Fenómeno Ocupado

18 thoughts on “Transtemporal polarities

  1. ‘I can transport myself back in time to my grandmother’s toilet’. Now that is neat if anything was ever ‘neat’ ~ Zoolon aka George (and I hate it with a passion when they call me ‘Georgieboy’ but have yet to commit murder over it.)

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  2. The big question is: Did you ever forget to flush the toilet?

    The not-quite-so-big question is: Did you remember to use the synthetic citrus spray after the deed was done?

    The least important (but not to be dismissed) question is: Did you put the lid down afterwards out of consideration for your grandmother?

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  3. You have managed to plaster my face with a big grin. Just last week I sat in the dentist’s office and picked up the most current issue of Readers Digest. My first thought was that I was sure they had stop printing them. My second thought was how tiny it was now. As in…really condensed. Then it was just like old times as I read the thing from front to back. It did bring back some memories.

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