Ask George!

Q. Have you ever seen a film that was so forgettable that you accidentally watched it a second time?

A. Yes, I have.

I saw the film,

Jaws 2,

in the cinema.


And it was so bad


about mid-way

through the film,

I got up and

walked out of the theater,


back into the lobby,

and then,

to the ticket booth,


where I purchased

a ticket to

see the film, Jaws 2.


Which I had heard was pretty good.




Got a question?

Can it wait until later?

No? Ok, then.

Direct all queries to “Ask George”, via the address you think the most likely.

He will be happy to reply to you at his least convenient time.

18 thoughts on “Ask George!

  1. Sod the sharks. Question. Why would the parents of a dyslexic sprog name him ‘George Alexander Blamey-Steeden Esq?’ My life has been blighted. Anyway, that’s what I want to know!

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  2. I have sat through movies more than once, accidentally. Right up to the last 12 minutes I am wondering why I am watching it because it is really bad. Then I realize I have seen it before and that it was so bad I just blocked it from my memory. No I can’t remember any names.

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    • Haha that was actually taken during breakfast (which means poached eggs, toast & hash) at a hip Hollywood cafe, that ultimately was too hip for us, as we never returned. I recall they sat us in what appeared to be a storage area, so we waited for a table to open and then carried our food over. They were none to happy about that. Anyway, the photo is supposed to resemble that of a famous leader of religion. One of three, so far, for anyone with a keen eye. And wait — seafood club?! Never! Turkey only!

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      • My eye isn’t that keen so I couldn’t even guess. Plus I’m not up on my cult leaders. I do know that guys like you and me should avoid Hip Hollywood cafes and stick with diners that serve the goods to the table like is in the bargain.

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