Me & charles schulz have something we’d like to wish you.

I bought a funny

birthday card

for my friend,

But when I returned home from the Hallmark store,

I noticed that

the card had,

‘Happy Birthday’

already printed on

the inside.


That’s exactly what I was going to say!

And you know what,

maybe “Happy Birthday”

was all I had

to say, anyway!


And, worse now the

Peanuts gang

have said it first!

21 thoughts on “Me & charles schulz have something we’d like to wish you.

    • Wow! Charles Schultz is a big hero of mine. I was devastated to read that his home and many of his items were lost in the Santa Rosa fire. Thanks for sharing, Chagall.

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      • Jeez, I had not known of his loss in the fire until your reply. What a tremendous heartbreak for his widow and all of his fans. I regret not having those books from back in the day – very early editions. Gone the way of comic book collections and baseball cards. Stay well, Tref. —CC

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      • I recently talked with my sister and got to talking about this thread and she added some interesting detail to the topic: she worked with Mr. Schulz meticulously on original and reprint contracts. I say meticulously because – based on my understanding of her description – each character was copyrighted anew annually, based on subtle design differences, pen renderings, etc. And royalties were somehow allocated accordingly, etc. So reprints which curated multiple years of multiple characters became quite involved re: Mr. Schulz’s contract. She and he hit it off wonderfully based on her understanding of the characters and their respective copyrights over the years. Peace, trefology. —CC

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      • Hey Chagall. Wow! That is a terrific story.

        I recently began a project: read every single peanuts strip from 1950 to 2000. I am currently on 1952. I had to put the idea on hold for almost two years when the third and fourth volumes went out of print (?!) and the price jumped by 4 or 5 times the cost, but I recently managed to find a ‘cheap’ used and very battered edition.

        My grandparents lived near the Lee Mendelson Studios in Burlingame, CA, so I always remember driving past the building with all the peanuts characters adorning it.

        My deepest regret is never following through with my plan to hang out at Schulz’s ice skating ring and wait for him to arrive for his usual lunch at the cafe. I would have loved to have met him, or, at least, ate lunch at a table nearby. But, I guess I thought Peanuts and Schulz would just keep going on forever.

        As far this particular post: I have re-written it a dozen times or more. It is not one of my favorites, but I liked the concept, and I wanted to honor Schulz on the blog, so it stays.

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      • I love the project. I remember reading through the volumes tirelessly. Are you reading the Complete Peanuts or rolling your own? I would have had the original ’64 through ’71s – or thereabouts. When I search for the books and see them on sale on eBay, the images of the covers fill me with overwhelming nostalgia. On another note, the Studios, the Rink, Peanuts gang, Schulz, etc., et al, are the makings for a potentially very interesting piece of historical fiction. 🙂 To good health. —CC

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      • They sell the complete Peanuts in a boxed set of two volumes per (the first one is 1950 to 1954 and then the next set of 1955-1958, etc) My worry is that while the first set was $38 — a fair price, the second was selling for several hundred dollars! I have no idea what happened, but, after a long wait I managed to find a seller willing to part with a damaged set for $80. And then the set after that one is back to $38! Buying over the market price was a one time thing for me, so hopefully that was an anomaly! But it is a worthy goal, like reading the compleat Shakespeare or the complete Trefology (insert wink emoji here).


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