False notions

Why are we


of the ridiculous?



horror movies,


ghost stories

have warped our sense

of what is truly

frightening in this



For instance,

in real-life,

a skeleton cannot 

harm you.

In that wise,

there is no

reason to be

frightened of

a skeleton.


Unless you see

one is

walking toward


Now, that is a

whole other thing.


And you should

probably run.


And, friend,

it doesn’t matter if

when you look

back you notice

that the skeleton

is only walking

in a casual way,

or, maybe has even

stopped at a

drinking fountain


You need to run



There is no

telling how


a skeleton

might be. 


Do skeleton’s

tire easily?

Hell, I don’t know.


Instead of looking

to me for answers,

maybe you need to

ask yourself,

What did I do to piss off this skeleton?

And while you’re

doing that —

keep running.


28 thoughts on “False notions

  1. Speaking of “ridiculous,” if anything has “warped our sense of what is truly frightening in this world,” it’s the specter of Donald Trump and his ghastly and ongoing run as President (not to get political or anything, you understand).

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  2. I enjoyed this thought provoking post very much.

    Though I have to tell you, when I read it the second time I made sure to remove the full stop after Keep.

    You don’t want punctuation impediments when fleeing the undead.

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