Anything is a hat

I believe

that any-thing that can

be balanced on one’s head

qualifies as a hat.



See this set of keys?

Now they are my hat.

An armadillo?

Now a hat.


A cracker-crack?

A shnoolzer-sack?

Or, even a vizza-me-pak?

Hat. Hat. Hat.


How about this beret?

… Well, no, maybe not the beret. 

But to be fair,

I don’t think

I can personally pull it off.


Still how about this old piece of dried-up dog crap?

Now its my hat!

But you get it.

17 thoughts on “Anything is a hat

  1. You realize sleep is now an impossibilty. Thus far my addled mind is taking serios steps toward donning a feather hat…most probably that of a sparrow. Then there was the rice paper equivalent, the nostril pluckings also. I intend to take action via the Civil Courts. ‘Hat versus The Crown’…so to speak. Nice one, Sir.

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    • I get it. No-body likes my fishing hats either. Nor did they like the old derby I wore in grade school, but if it was good enough for Stan Laurel then it was good enough for me.


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